Valiant Ventures

In the early years of our business experience, LGBT entrepreneurs were not taken seriously. We had no mentors, no way to learn the tricks of the trade, and in many ways felt like we were on an island.  In order to keep our businesses up and running, we relied on personal assets, credit cards, and alternative lenders to get funding for our businesses. While this was certainly a way to keep our business afloat, these capital sources came with higher interest rates than traditional lenders. This set a disadvantage to us and other LGBT entrepreneurs at the starting line. Today, in many ways, LGBT entrepreneurs are still overlooked for proper guidance and funding.

At Valiant Marketing we believe that the foundation of a solid business community is built on education, communication, connections, planning, and implementation.  Unfortunately, many in the LGBT community traditionally face systematic discrimination when looking for venture capital or traditional lending, searching for mentors, and even being taken seriously by other entrepreneurs at networking events. 

So, because traditional avenues can cause LGBT segments of our population to struggle in business circles, we decided to create Valiant Ventures! Valiant Ventures is dedicated to helping our community get a leg up in the world of business, hoping to create a more equitable environment for business ownership. 

With Valiant Ventures, the core steps we believe should be considered in providing effective sustainable solutions that will benefit individuals for a lifetime start with, first and most importantly, listening to what they need.  We then evaluate the available resources along with training and education needs and develop empowerment programs to teach valuable skills to assist them in starting their own enterprise. All this is done while maintaining cultural diversity and dignity. Our multifaceted approach promotes education and financial stability of individuals, families, and communities while building self-worth and self-reliance. 

If you are an emerging LGBT Entrepreneur and would like to be considered as recipient of Valiant Ventures, please fill out the form below. We will be in touch should you qualify.