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Cale Robert Hall

As CEO of Valiant Marketing, Hall brings his creativity, drive and leadership.…

Jim Brams

As a Solutions Consultant, he works hard to make our client's dreams…

William Duffee-Braun

As CDO,  he brings brand building and best practices to Valiant. William…

Russell Bowen-Youngblood

As Solutions Consultant, Russell beings unsurpassed professionalism and imagination. He was a…

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They Really Like Us

“Cale is one of the most enterprising individuals that I know and he is always looking to expand upon his knowledge base. Not only is Cale a dynamic and successful business leader, he is also a teacher and life-long student. To see Cale without a smile on his face or without the next adventure in the works is a nonoccurrence. Cheers to you for being such an inspiration to us all!”

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Niko Caparisio

“William has been a leader in the Metropolitan Atlanta area in advertising, media, publications, and community service.  My practice has used his services for many years.  As a Senior Executive, he was also involved in my accounts ensuring my professional success.  His interaction with his clients is his forte.  He is so trustworthy.  I look forward to working with him at Valiant and know his company will ensure incredible service.”

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Dr. Keith Jeffords